Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog Hop linky link

Over at she has a blog hop going on. I'm always up for linking apparently like minded cooking lovers, and thought this would be a great opportunity. I'll try to find/bring you more in the future.

On another note, yes I am up before 6am, I woke up at 5 with the hubby. Actually my husband has to work 12 hours today to make up for only working two hours during the snow storm. We didn't have electricity for 25 (I counted the hours!) hours, and rather than leave me alone in a cold cold house, he came home early and took me to the mall. I only just dug my car out last night so that I could go to the chiropractors today. I apologize for being lazy in any life updates, and turning this blog into pictures of food and kitties but sadly between the food, the kitties and the hubby my life isn't terribly interesting.
I've been feeling creatively lately, and after pulling out my hubby's sewing machine yesterday and mending two pairs of his pants and my coat, I'm ready to start sewing. On a slightly off topic tangent--why is it that a man that makes a perfectly respectable salary should wear 15 year old holey (NOT HOLY) pants in public? WHY?! He even admits that when he wears holy sweats and tie dye tees that he has been treated badly in the past. Do I want him to dress nicely for me, or for him? I totally believe that if you wear nice clothing that is comfortable and looks good on you that you feel better about yourself. I wonder what impact his clothing play on his ideas of self worth and self esteem. My husband has no problems with intellectual self esteem as he is ridiculously smart and knows it, but I don't think he is terribly comfortable with how he looks.
I have a couple of projects that I need to finish this week before finally heading out to visit friends in WV. I am still not getting my mail, I really need to call USPS, and while I can pay all of my bills online, it would be nice to see a car loan statement once every 5 years.
This weekend I rearranged our kitchen area and some of our bedroom. I get bored quickly and always like moving around my furniture. What about you? When I was a kid I had the luxury of a huge bedroom and I would always rearrange it.

Thats about it! My friend shared this website-- with me and so far I LOVE it. It has lots of link to free patterns and sewing and cooking ideas.

Upcoming post ideas?
Delicious Apple Cake recipe
Lunches for the hubby
Housewifely duties
printing coupons--do you?
vitamix, my new love...

Current Projects:
Baby blanket
stuffed frog
learning how to read patters to make other stuff....


  1. Thank you for picking up the blog hop code for Feed Me Tweet Me Follow Me Home :) I've followed your blog - thank you for joining in! Hope to see you again this Friday :)

  2. Eileen, why aren't you posting about the really interesting things, like trash television? I need to know your feelings about "Bridalplasty." You must connect to the lowest common denominator. Sex sells.

  3. Kari--good idea;). I only watched that train wreck b/c I went to school with Jenessa...


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