Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Bellies, Muffin Tops and Earrings Galore

West Virginia Update:

Thank you to everyone that commented on my last blog entry.  I was definitely having a down day. I realized that I hadn't taken my medicine, and that coupled with PMS left me in a funk for the better part of a day. Hiding out for a bit, and talking to the husband seemed to recharge my batteries and I headed back downstairs for more playing with our friend's son.
Overall the trip was fabulous. I got to see so many people, and feel some pregnant bellies. I think my friend's baby hit me with her entire arm!  It was pretty awesome.  I am planning on going back out in April when one my friends has her baby to help out for a bit, and get my fill of holding a newborn, so I'll get to see all my kids and friends again soon.  I am really sad that my cousins are moving though, but I love them enough that I am totally willing to drive or fly to visit, but it won't be as convenient. I've had an amazing time watching their children grow over the last couple of years and becoming great friends with them.
It was insane to see how much the little girl I watched has grown in just a few short months.  She used to call me I-eeeeen because she couldn't pronounce the letter L.  This time she was saying "Look at this Eileen, come see this!!" and invited us to a highly orchestrated party with play-doh that she demanded we attended.  I missed the friendship of her parents as much as her, and it was lovely to sit and chat for a bit before I headed off into the rainy night for dinner with another friend. I feel fortunate that people were able to make time for me in their schedules and really honestly wanted to know how I was doing.  The trip really brought home for me how much I miss our friends, and how important those relationships are to me.  I really REALLY need to find some new friends out here.


I like to have meals and such prepared for my husband so it is easy for him to pack a lunch and eat healthier food than he would if he went to the cafeteria and ordered chicken strips and something else that has been soaked in grease.  I really struggle with not eating out, although lately I've gotten much better at not stuffing myself when I do.  Yesterday I scrambled some turkey meat with a little seasoning so we could have tacos, but since it is pretty plain I could even throw it on some homemade pizza.  The hubby loves burritos, so I keep the fridge stocked with those for him to fill up for a quick meal.
I had seen a weight watchers recipe several places that used a box of cake mix (I used Devil's Food) and a can of pumpkin so I tried that out. I am pretty happy with the moist results.  I packed one for my husband and we'll see what he thinks. I also made some Fiber 1 muffins that came in a boxed mix that had been on sale.  They had been sitting around for awhile and I thought it was time to make them.  I was shocked at how good they taste actually.  Sadly, I made mini-muffins and forgot to grease the pan so I ended up with muffin tops instead of entire muffins.  That's my favorite bit anyways though so I'm not really complaining.
Another quick thing I did was slice up some carrots so they are easy to grab and throw into some spinach for a quick salad.  We have grapes and a plethora of other things that could make a nice sweet salad that doesn't need any dressing.
I think my pop-tart fantasism is over with.  Please God let it be over with. I don't even WANT to like pop tarts, but occasionally crave them, and then since they are there have to eat them.  No more poptarts in my house! I'd like to get the cereal out as well and pre-make salads or some healthy quick to eat thing, so I eat that instead.  I need to eat more vegetables, but I struggle....What about you?


I sold all but one pair of earrings, so it is time to make more!  I really enjoy making them, and they are so comfortable to wear. I hate heavy earrings, but the jump rings I use are so light you don't even feel them.  I also sold the blue necklace and matching earrings to a great friend and hope to get a picture up of her wearing them soon!  Next I hope to move onto making rings, but I have to finish my friend's baby blanket first.  I will, of course keep you update with pictures and progress.
I AM planning on setting up an etsy store, but not until I have some product to take pictures of, and list.  I am struggling with deciding how much time I wish to devote to crafts verses language study and computer programming.  Right now all of my 'creative' time is going to crafts, and I'm perfectly ok with that, and love doing it, but to what end? I think my trip to Oregon to see my in-law will either help solidify my desire to continue jewelry making, or move it more towards the academic study of gemology. If I want to get into this and sell stuff, then I need to invest in more product at a better price than what I currently have.  We shall see!

What did you do this weekend?  What are your creative outlets?


  1. I'm forever buying paper for my cards and scrapbooks. And ribbon. Oh the ribbon I have. ;) But I dedicate an hour each night to get one project done and then I spend the rest of my free time baking or reading.

  2. I bought tracing paper and carbon paper so I can start "drawing" and coloring in the pictures. I need to get on my Spanish and Italian learning. scrapbooks...of course. Oh, and writing cards/notes to all my friends :)

    I think I worked all weekend. so long ago! and so many bills to pay. Oh it was super bowl weekend huh? Yea I watched with my landlord and his friends. Good game!! everything else was crap. lol

  3. Margaret--Thank you for the card I just got it and IT TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! I will be sending something back!
    I totally struggle with time management...which translates to NOT spending all day online watching TV. I need a schedule...I miss schedules.


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