Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cold and Ikea....

I feel a little like I'm being kicked while I'm down. I have developed a head cold.  An ears popping, sniffly runny nose, eyes red, headache, sore throat head cold.  This is why I fear going out in public. I have like NO immunity. I go in to a doctors office, or when I'm walking and I hear some kid with a wet cough and I want to RUN the other way. I'm not a germophob person.  Far from it, my mother extols how my brother used to eat dirt as a child and never got sick.  I'm all for increasing your immune system's tolerance, except in the past when I got sick, I would stay sick...for months.  Let us hope that not having my tonsils will help this cold pass quickly and not turn into a bacterial infection.  I plan on downing a lot of tea today...mostly b/c I downed half a bag of cough drops this morning and now I'm out.
I am thankful that I don't have to miss 'work' to be sick and my family isn't depending on my income to buy food. I am so thankful that I have a wonderful and supportive husband.  I plan on squishing him when he gets home. A few cracked ribs will show him how much I love him;).

On a happier note, last night my husband and I went to ikea and finally bought some bookcases. They look sort of like this...
South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Bookcase, Chocolate
 I'm psyched because in the 3.5 years we've been together, we've never been able to unpack our books because we have never had space for bookcases!  We are turning our entire front room into a library, and lining the walls with bookcases. We put our lovesac, that looks like this4' Microfiber Foam Bean Bag Chair Chocolate Brown like LoveSac (only we have the real lovesac brand) in the front room along with our papasan chair. I want to create a comfortable place for people to read, and hang out.
I also bought a coat tree like this:
 We have a closet, but I've never liked having to hang up coats. Ever. I got in trouble for this since I can remember, so I cheated and bought a coat tree. It is pretty...I will post pictures later.  I bought a couple of lamps as well because our house was designed strangely.  They never put in overhead fixtures in two rooms upstairs, so without standing lamps, you have no light at all.  I figured anyone that uses our guest room might appreciate a lamp and I needed one in my room as well.  I got these really pretty ones with a paper shade. I considered getting the paper shade to the floor lamps but I saw images of Newton climbing up the side. No, seriously. I can't have flowers anymore because he EATS them.  I wish I could get this cat the shirt that says 'I'm the reason we can't have nice things.' I really can't complain too much since he is saving us money on flowers, and then he does sweet things like spending all night trying to get me to roll over on my back so he can suffocate me, I mean sleep on me.  He is an adorable cat, just a little overly curious with a serious case of pica.
I will post pictures of all of these lovelies after I charge my camera (and we put the bookcases together).

I also finally got my desk all set up, which is exciting.  I am wondering what I want to do there verses on our kitchen table where all of my crafts are now.  It makes me feel more secure as we settle more into our house! Something else that I did was create my own group!  I wasn't finding one that fit my needs and desires, so I created one.  I will be posting a separate post about that, probably tomorrow. They said it would be 3 days before it was up and operational.

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