Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Week!!

A couple of weeks after we met, my husband took me to see Avenue Q (2003 Original Broadway Cast) at the National Theatre. It was AMAZING. After the show though, he did tell me that he doesn't 'do' holiday. He however is perfectly happy to give me a 'birthday' type present in the middle of May though! This translates to getting some interesting presents on unbirthdays, or not expecting anything unless I ask (umm..or hint). I love giving/getting presents so I fell into giving Valentine's WEEK presents instead of day.  Here are my some of my presents....

Wednesday: some cool household stuff that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond
Thursday: Zombie Dice
Friday:Gummy Heart Candy
Saturday: lots of couple time
Sunday: Couples Yoga Class followed by a nice lunch
Monday: SKIP BO Card Game and Dinner (I'm aware that this hasn't happened yet, but he found his gift and we discussed dinner already;))

I am sure that I missed some stuff, and it wasn’t even planned originally to give him a gift a day.  I just had fun with the stuff that I picked up. The games were because  I wanted to buy him a couple of games that we could play on our way to Oregon in a couple of weeks. 

Today we had an awesome time a couples yoga.  While my husband hadn’t done yoga before, and I’m a newbie, we still had an amazing time. We are both really flexible, and have decent balance.  The class was really light and fun, but also at times challenging and I would go so far as to say a trust activity.  In one position we hand to hold hands and then basically sit, using the other partner’s weight to hold you up.  this was the hardest position for me because I had to trust that he was basically holding me up....very hard.  The most fun position was something like this
Only instead of facing each other, we were both facing forward.  We then did it as an entire class. Something like 30 people in a circle all doing the pose.  It was pretty hilarious and fun. Sadly, this class is only offered once a year, and not weekly since I would love to do something like this with my hubby every week.  

Yesterday we were working on finances and since we were already on the couch in the basement, decided to watch a movie on our big screen TV.  Our choice? Top Gun.  I actually had NEVER seen it before!  I liked it, but now I have the music stuck in my head!  After we finished Top Gun and lots of popcorn, we moved onto the Bond flick “The Living Daylights.”  I love the show Chuck, so it was hilarious seeing Dalton playing Bond.  He is most certainly NOT my favorite Bond, but it was so much fun.  

What did you do to build intimacy with your partner this Valentine’s Day?  

On another note, I need a schedule so badly. I’m a lazy schmuck if given the chance so I want to make a real schedule. My friend is going to do some language lessons with me, but I want to do a lot more.  I also need to work on my programming so that I can go forth and confidently say that I can program and have the skills needed to learn other programs.  I also really need to get back in the gym and STILL haven't had luck finding a gym/trainer that I like.

How you deal with your personal vs. work goals?  How do you incorporate them?  

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