Friday, February 11, 2011

Mission Impossibly Early Morning!

My husband is on a mission. Daily he goes to bed a little earlier and wakes up earlier. It started with him going to bed around 10 waking up around 6. Last night we went to bed at 8 and he got up at 4:30.  Does he do this to go to the gym? Have a lesiurely time sitting around in the morning, or even strive to get more work done? Nah, he does this all for a parking spot. Yes, that is right, you read correctly, a parking spot.  See where he works parking is a precious commodity traded for a good nights sleep on the open market. If you don't want to walk for a quarter of an hour in sub zero weather, you get up before most teenagers go to bed and haul your ass into work.  On the up side, he can work his eight hours and leave at 3pm, but at that point he is so exhausted he just wants to go back to sleep and start the whole vicious cycle again.  The most humerous part of this for me though, is that he actually gets up early on the weekends now! He used to sleep till noon-1pm on the weekends to 'catch-up' on sleep and then wouldn't get anything done the rest of the day.  Now he is finally used to getting up early, and seems to get more done.  I believe becoming a morning person however is the last nail in the coffin of actually becoming an adult.  My dad would be so proud...

My limit of getting up early is getting up at 5am with him, seeing him out the door, watching a little hulu and falling back into bed. I am not a morning person, or perhaps I am a closeted morning person who is reluctantly leaving the safe sanctuary of the comfy bed in the closet that I've been huddled in for the last 26 years. Last night however, it seemed like too much work to get ready for bed, be read to (we are reading Royal Assassin) snuggle, and then come back downstairs, so I just went to bed with 8pm.  Now I understand why old people eat dinner at 4pm!  While I wasn't wide awake and perky at 4:30 in the morning (is anyone?!) I was at 7:30, and stumbled downstairs to respond to email, read facebook and do other mindless tasks until the rumble of my belly necessitated food.
I had been laying in bed last night dreaming of new things to make with my vitamix, and I really wanted a green smoothie again.  Green? What? You put Spinach in your smoothies? Yeah yeah, ya can't taste it! Promise.

Here is what I threw into my Vitamix CIA Professional Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor, Platinum, and no I as you can probably tell, I didn't really measure.
an apple cut in 4
a whole banana (missing a bite, cause I like bananas)
some frozen strawberries
2 cups of BABY spinach (ok, in my case 2 fistfulls of spinach)
some grapes (I got bored and stopped after about 15 of them)
splash of cranberries juice
end of a container of fage yogurt (probably 1/4 cup)

(Note: There are no rules to green smoothies other than including some spinach to make it, green.  Generally though, you can't taste the spinach and it gives you a lot of iron and other nutrients we aren't getting since most of us (read:me) don't eat enough veggies. A Vitamix is perfect for making green smoothies because it has an amazing motor that can liquefy most anything in 10 seconds or less)
blend that sucker...then I tasted and added 10 ice cubes and 3 more strawberries and blended some more.  
Thats it!  I went to pour said smoothie and "SPLAT!!!" It filled my cup and runith, splatith over onto the counter and got a little on my radio (don't tell my husband). Woops...I cleaned it up, grabbed a couple of mini-muffin tops and breakfast! I think I might have a couple of hardboiled egg whites too.
Here is a picture, cause I know that people like pictures.



  1. I honestly believe there's a prejudice against being a night person. People act like there's something virtuous in getting up at ungodly hours of the morning and then going to bed early. Maybe that was true before mechanised lighting, when you had to work to the rhythms of the sun, but these days? I hate that society shackles folks into a one-size-fits-all schedule, when clearly a large percentage of people are natively nocturnal. If you're putting in your normal, what, sixteen, seventeen hours of awake time, it seems silly to quibble about *which* hours you take.

    Maybe I'm biased- I work in theatre, so of course my work day starts in the afternoon and goes late at night; I've lived off and on in a household where everyone worked night shifts; I had a great-aunt who literally never saw the light of day.... nighttime seems so normal to me!

    And I've found that, in between shows, my best, most productivity- and energy-producing sleep pattern is to take two long, four-hour naps, one in the late afternoon and one in the early morning, around five, rather than a full-length night's sleep. It totally doesn't work if you have a normal job... which is why I don't have one of those! :)

  2. My hubs works at 4am, so he's up at 3:45 staggering to get dressed and always looks like a slob. HA! But then I can't function on less than 10 hours of sleep.. yet I stay up reading. Because I'm a read-a-holic and I can't stop myself.


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