Sunday, February 13, 2011

GreenLiteBites Cookbook!

I had the honor having lunch with one of my favorite bloggers this week.  I found Roni through an article about her on CNN of all places, and it just happened that we moved near to where she lives.  She has been a great motivation to get me cooking healthy food, instead of just baking all of the time. You'll see that I have talked about her on my blog before, including posting some recipes that I love.  
While I'm good at feeding my husband, and knowing what he likes, I am just now learning how to feed myself good and healthy food.  I struggle with looking at my pantry full of food and cooking instead of baking.  Her recipes are easy, quick, healthy and most of all delicious.
She recently came out with a cookbook that I just ordered through Amazon.  Check it out, and get your own!
If you want to check her out, go to  Warning: her blogs are highly addictive and will leave you wanting to cook, a lot.

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