Friday, February 18, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Cute

The Good
My meetup group seems to be taking off! I'm really excited at the prospect of meeting some new people.  My husband always talks about how social I am compared to him. Since socializing to him means playing a game over the doesn't take much.  Really though, I am a social person. I love meeting people and having events planned out.
Also good, my new coat tree, my adorable kitty that loves me, my adorable hubby that loves me, my friend that brought me frozen pizza, cough drops and medicine and even a rotisserie chicken to ensure that I ate more than just cheese.  I love my friends.
Lately the weather...I hear it is good, but I haven't gone outside yet today. Shame shame...

The Bad
I'm still sick, and am not sure it isn't getting worse. I feel awful and this cold seems to have drifted a foot south to my chest. I woke up gasping for air yesterday morning because there was junk in my throat and I couldn't breathe.  Yes people--I was almost suffocated by snot. Ew!!! I'm pretty sure I've got the flu:(
Also bad, not realizing that the pretty flower picture I got at Ikea for like 2.99 was made from paper no canvas and accidentally poked a hole in it.  I guess thats what I get for going to ikea and getting art for 2.99...

The Ugly
The crap I'm coughing up...nuff said.

The Cute...
This is cute...

My cat doesn't understand why laying across my neck might not be comfortable for is for him!


  1. I have a kitty named Nugget that looks just like your kitty! I have 5 but he's my baby!

  2. awww! Apparently Newton's ancestor's had a lot of...offspring. I saw the kitties at Petco the other day and almost half of them looked like Newton. He's my little super hero with a mask and cape. <3 the baby!!!


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