Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New group--Happy Housewives!

I am a housewife.  There is no other way to say it. I’m not unemployed and looking for work, and unless the perfect job falls on my lap, I don’t intend to go back to work any time soon.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I am suffering from a severe and acute case of loneliness after moving away from all my friends.  

One of the things that I discussed was joining and finding some groups that fit my interests, and appealed to me.  The only thing is that there aren’t very many.  There is a cooking group, there is a sewing group, there are mommies groups but there aren’t any housewife groups.  I wanted a groups of women, who don’t have children (or who just really want to get out of the house occasionally without their child) that want to expand their groups of friends. solution? I made my own group! I’m still trying to figure out if being an organizer of a group is worth the fee they charge, but it seems like an excellent networking tool to bring women together.  If I just make a few friends from doing this, it will be worth the price.  

The group’s website is:

If you live near Baltimore, MD please join my group! If you have suggestions on events, just post them!  I scheduled a random date to meet up, but the time can be flexible.  

Note: The main picture right now is of penguins.  I picked it because a. penguins are cute, b. they were in a group and c. I had no other pictures that I didn’t have to pilfer from google image.  


  1. Hi Eileen:) I found your blog through your recent meetup group posting and just wanted to say hello! I think the meetup group is a great idea and am hoping to be able to join in on the activities!


  2. yey! I'm so psyched to have people join. I am really excited to meet new people. I checked out your blog--beautiful pictures!


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