Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's my life...

It seems I've gotten some new readers lately! Thank you for coming over, commenting and making me feel like I'm not just talking to myself (I worry about that at times...).

Project update:
Yesterday I made another two chain-link earrings. My friend requested gold ones, so I picked up some gold hoops, and will make her some soon.  I'm heading out to visit her this weekend, so I'll have pictures before then.
I finally finished my friend's afghan. I can't wait to give it to them for their baby girl.  Now I'm working on another one for another friend who is expecting.  Lots of babies!! It is helping me get some experience in reading patterns, making my own, and it means that my blanket when I have a baby is going to look fantastic!
different sized rings

Second baby blanket--I like the colors and finally started using more than one!

there are beads on the bottom one..

Other Updates:
I wrote a post awhile ago about my experience using phentermine to help me lose weight. I lost almost 40 pounds and I am convinced that the medicine's metabolism increasing effects are responsible. Yeah, I went to the gym a lot, and was careful about what I was eating, but I was doing that before and it didn't seem to make ANY different.  I went to a new doctor the other day and I was NOT impressed with how myself, and other patients were treated.  The doctor answered the phone while I was in his office.  Not once, not twice, but THREE times.  What the hell! I wait an hour to see you, and you answer your phone? I also get that this guy is used to giving people lectures on this medicine and has it memorized, but you think perhaps taking a little history, learning something about me other than my blood pressure and listening to my lungs might be helpful? I just worry about people abusing this system, which seems incredibly easy.  Both doctors I have gone to to get phentermine seemed a little on the skeezy side, and that really bothers me.

Today was our third class (last week was cancelled) but our normal teacher was away at a retreat and we had a substitute. I believe if this woman was my regular teacher, that I wouldn't have come back after the first class.  Our normal teacher knows our health issues and has eased us into yoga, taking care to make sure that we are as comfortable as possible in the process. I felt quite rushed today, and we did it a lot faster than normal as well.  Plus, she didn't seem at all sympathetic to our wrists hurting after having us do downward facing dog and planks for 10 minutes. I'm very glad that my regular teacher taught me stuff that helps protect my back, wrists etc so that I didn't get injured.  I'm rather competitive and won't sit out, and will suffer later.  After class we were discussing in the changing room that the class was much more difficult and face paced than normal, and we missed our regular teacher who leave you with a smile on your face and feeling relaxed. Instead, a little tmi here, but my butt muscles are so so so sore!  So many lunges, so little time.

Weird Cat
Our older cat is acting odd.  I'm not sure if some outside noise has him scared, or if he sick or just a strange cat.  He is a very very talkative kitty that is suddenly silent.  Utterly and completely silent. He hasn't made any noise all day.  I've picked him up(he HATES being picked up and meowels), squeezed him (usually he'll at least sqeek), pet him, tried giving him treats, wet food, love...everything. He wouldn't even come out from hiding for fresh wet food, which he normally will bum rush you and trip you for.  My hubby is giving him love in the basement, but if he isn't back to his normal annoying self soon, we'll have to take him to the vets.  Funny that I'm complaining about the cat being quiet since normally his annoys the hell out of me with his constant yeowling.  Odd the things we miss.

I've been feeling unmotivated to cook this week, and we are down on produce so I don't have any more recipes to post.  My husband surprised me by taking me for kabobs last night and then bringing home left over pizza today, so I haven't 'had' to cook.  I'm thinking it is painkiller time, and a really hot bath so I can stand tomorrow.  I even scheduled my chiropractor appointment tomorrow, rightfully assuming that I'd be sore.
This weekend I hope to go to WV, and have a good time. My husband has no interest what so ever in sports, so at least I'll get to watch the superbowl with friends. Thats all folks!

And here I leave you with a picture of my Newton...doing what he does best--playing fetch. He likes to pick up this ratty hair band he stole from my cousin and he will put the entire thing in his mouth and then basically spit it out and expect you to fling it around the house for him to chase...
The hairband is IN his mouth.  Silly kitty...


  1. I am absolutely IN LOVE with those earrings!!! I would totally take a pair of silver and a pair of gold. Beautiful!

  2. Woo Hoo! I made the blog! :) I like this blog thing. Seems to put value on the things you do. (and don't go getting all girly on me, you know what I mean.) I may have to join you in this. hmmmmmm....

  3. Those earrings are so cute, but with my short neck they probably wouldn't look good. LOL. anyway, I am really needy and hate it when nobody comments on my blog, makes me feel like there is no point sometimes.


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